Diabetes Resources

Recently, the School Nurse Advisory Council (SNAC)​created a “School Nurse Diabetes Management Checklist”to assist the registered professional school nurse with providing a guide to “evidence based practices (EBP)” in school nursing relative to diabetes management.  The checklist notes various strategies in the following areas:
Nursing Assessment and Data Collection
Nursing Diagnosis/IHP/ Goals and Outcomes

We asked the Healthy Kansas Schools (​HKS​)​ school nurses to download the checklist and mark a “yes or no” response related to diabetes management EBP in their district school nursing practice in their school(s).  Also, to review and document “facilitators (what works well or enhances their diabetes management?) or barriers (issues that prevent them from)” incorporating these diabetes EBP into their school nursing practice, which may be helpful in future planning for management of diabetes in their particular school(s). also attached ​are ​some National Association of School Nurse (NASN) resources:  “Diabetes Questionnaire” and “Diabetes Medical Management Plan” and a “Diabetes Care Tasks Checklists” to their email to assist with additional resources. 

Weblinks were also provided to: 

Tools and Resources: Diabetes in Children –
http://www.nasn.org/ ToolsResources/ DiabetesinChildren

Helping Administer to the Needs of the Student with Diabetes
https://www.pathlms.com/nasn/ courses/915

Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed:  A Guide for School Personnel
https://www.niddk.nih.gov/ health-information/health- communication-programs/ndep/ health-care-professionals/ school-guide/Pages/ publicationdetail.aspx

Diabetes Management in the School Setting
https://www.nasn.org/ PolicyAdvocacy/ PositionPapersandReports/ NASNPositionStatementsFullView /tabid/462/smid/824/ArticleID/ 22/Default.aspx

KDHE & SNAC encourages​ school nurses print out the checklist and use it to guide them in assessing EBP in their school(s) relative to diabetes management.  Feedback &​ follow up ​regarding this is encouraged​ over the next few weeks/months to determine if this checklist was helpful to their school nurse role.

School Nurse Diabetes Management Check List.FINAL

Diabetes Questionnaire.NASN

DMMP for School.NASN

The following resource containing simplified instructions for operation of insulin pumps was created by Children’s Mercy Hospital in 2017.  As changes are frequent with insulin pumps, users are encouraged to seek additional pump operation instructions using the websites provided by the manufacturers.

Pump Meal Bolus Instructions