Kansas School Nurse Resources

KSNO Position Statement Opt In versus Opt Out Programs

KSNO Position Statement Scoliosis Screening

2017 Guidelines for Medication Administration in Kansas Schools

Immunization Tool for School Nurses

The Kansas Classroom Handbook of Communicable Diseases 

IKC Cover letter to school nurses regarding exclusion policy

IKC Model School Exclusion Policy

Role of KDHE Relating to Kansas laws Relating to Student Health

Epinephrine Resource School Nurse Program:  As of March 2018 NASN no longer has this program.  Questions specific to Kansas regarding management of severe allergies and anaphylaxis in schools may be directed to  In addition, visit NASN’s website, Resources, Practice Topics, Food Allergies & Anaphylaxis.”

Sample Kansas School Agreement for Consulting Pharmacist

*Delegation of Specific Nursing Tasks in the School Setting for Kansas To be used to determine to whom specialized caretaking tasks or procedures may be delegated.

KDHE School Health Resources

*KSNO Position Statement- Immunization Exemptions for School Attendance

Documents created by the School Nurse Advisory Committee (SNAC) to support school nurses in chronic disease management:
2017 Asthma Resources

2017 Diabetes Resources

*The Kansas Classroom Handbook of Communicable Diseases 

*Kansas Hearing Screening Guidelines 2014

Pediatric Obesity Presentation- Dr. Stanton 2016 Kansas School Nurse Conference

Video presentation:

PowerPoint Link:

Oral health resources

Support Groups

Parent Health Intake Forms

Allergy School Health Intake Form

Asthma School Health Intake Form

Diabetes School Health Intake Form

Seizure School Health Intake Form

Individual Health Care Plans

Severe Allergy IHP-2018

Asthma IHP-2018

Diabetes IHP-2018

Seizure IHP-2018