Kansas School Nurse Resources

KSNO Position Statement Opt In versus Opt Out Programs

KSNO Position Statement Scoliosis Screening

2017 Guidelines for Medication Administration in Kansas Schools

2017-2018 Immunization requirements

Sept. 2016 KS school enrollment counts

The Kansas Classroom Handbook of Communicable Diseases 

Cover letter and IKC-Model-policy

Role of KDHE Relating to Kansas laws Relating to Student Health

Epinephrine Resource School Nurse Program:  Provides professional development and technical assistance to school nurses and the school community related to epinephrine administration. Click here for contact information.

Sample Kansas School Agreement for Consulting Pharmacist

*Delegation of Specific Nursing Tasks in the School Setting for Kansas To be used to determine to whom specialized caretaking tasks or procedures may be delegated.


*KSNO Position Statement- Immunization Exemptions for School Attendance


Documents created by the School Nurse Advisory Committee (SNAC) to support school nurses in chronic disease management:
*Asthma Resources
*Diabetes Resources

*The Kansas Classroom Handbook of Communicable Diseases 

*Kansas Hearing Screening Guidelines 2014

Pediatric Obesity Presentation- Dr. Stanton 2016 Kansas School Nurse Conference

Video presentation:

PowerPoint Link:

Oral health resources

Support Groups