District # 1

Annie Wallace is the District One KSNO Board Representative. Please contact Annie if you have information/comments that you would like to share with her. Contact information may be found on the Board Members page.

After the redefined Districts were announced and the email group was updated, I sent the following email to all District 1 Members:

January 24, 2014
Hello District 1 –
Our KSNO Board will meet in February. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or other developments that you would like me to share? Our agenda typically includes Operational Guideline review, finances, elections, position papers, and summer conference. This is an opportunity to gain support from the board, if there is an area you need help with. This is also a good time for me to share any exciting developments or accomplishments for school health & wellness in our district – please share that info with me, as well.


3/31/14 is the Deadline to Nominate KSNO Awards for:
School Nurse of the Year
Administrator of the Year
School Nurse Administrator of the Year
KSNO Recognition Award
4/1/14 is the Deadline to Apply for a KSNO Scholarship for BSN Completion.
Criteria & Applications can be found on our website at KSNO.org

If you have any questions, anytime, please let me know!
-Best of Health,
Annie Wallace, RN, BSN