District # 1

Hi District 1,

Hope all enjoyed your few extra days off over President’s day weekend!  The brief view of the rarely seen orange ball in the sky this weekend and today gave me some hope that Spring will actually appear soon! 

KSNO had an executive board meeting and I just wanted to report back to you about a few of the exciting things that were discussed. 

Many of you may have received a survey from the Kansas Board of Nursing regarding a Nurse Compact Act that was being discussed in the state legislature.  This bill was “fast tracked” through the House and is now being cleaned up before being sent to the Senate. If passed, it will take effect January 1, 2019.  (A copy of the bill is attached for you to review).  Basically what this bill will do if passed is to allow nurses in Kansas the option to apply for a multi state license ($300).  The nurse in possession of this license would be allowed to practice in each state with in the compact, but would be responsible for following the rules of the nurse practice act for the state in which they were practicing in.  As school nurses, this would help us out when traveling with students on field trips to other states. The single state license for Kansas would still be available.

An article will be published in the May 2018 NASN School Nurse providing more information about the compact.  For additional information visit:  https://www.ncsbn.org/enhanced-nlc-implementation.htm      

 Below is the map of the progress of the bill across the country.

 Inline image 1

Next, The School Nurse Survey is being sent out by KDHE this year and will arrive sometime in early March, so very soon.  This will need to be completed by one nurse in your district and submitted in April.  The survey has been simplified and will collect information on LAST years screening data.  Districts who do not complete the survey will receive a personal phone call to remind them to do so.

The School Nurse Conference in Wichita will be July 17th -19th, with the New Nurse portion July 16th and 17th.  This year, each district will assemble a basket to be raffled off to raise money for the scholarship fund.  All KSNO members are eligible to apply for the scholarship to help advance your education.  Our districts basket theme will be Baseball and BBQ.  Please consider an item donation to go along with this theme.  I will send a reminder out towards the end of April with information on where to bring the donated items.

Be sure to nominate a nurse for KSNO School Nurse of the Year and KSNO School Nurse Administrator of the Year.  These Applications are found on School Nurse Net.

The School Nurse Net has a wealth of information available to KSNO members, but many members do not know how to access this resource.  Please see and print off the attached directions below and start enjoying one of the benefits of your membership!

 Lastly, would you like a voice in KSNO?  Would you like to be part of decisions being made for Kansas School Nurses?  We have several positions open on the Kansas School Nurse Organization board.  Please let me know if you are interested or would like more information.

Have a great Spring Break!

Looking forward to a healthy Spring!

Helen Kuttes