District # 3

Valerie Rainman is the KSNO District 3 Representative.
Contact information for Valerie can be found on the Board Members page.

Spring 2014 KSNO District 3 Meeting Report

On January 24th 2014 KSNO District 3 held our Spring Meeting at the beautiful Finnup Center at Lee Richardson Zoo. There were seventeen school nurses from District 3 in attendance. Sgt. Steve Martinez of the Finney County Sheriff’s Dept. presented a Power Point on the latest in pharmaceutical abuse & illegal drugs being encountered presently in the area as well as new problems arising on the coasts such as“Molly” a toxic mixture of lab-created chemicals which may or may not contain MDMA, Bath salts a term used to describe a number of designer drugs often containing substituted cathinones, which have effects similar to amphetamine and cocaine where the molecules tend to clump together resembling bath salts hence the name, a flesh eating heroin substitute from Russia called, “Krokodil” and others.

We enjoyed a delicious crock pot soup luncheon provided by the USD 457 nurses and returned to afternoon session with the GC Police Department who provided training on the updates in gang related activity and more training on drug abuse. We learned that wearing “colors” is passé among gangsters. Instead, there are less easily detectable garments and symbols being worn. The officers brought an extensive collection of these objects as well as more on their Power Point.

The information provided in the training was new and useful so the day passed quickly. After the trainings we discussed new district information such as KSNO redistricting, State Conference and National Conference.

Next meeting will be at the State Summer Conference at the Wichita Hyatt July 15-17 2014. Katrina Benyshek will host the fall meeting in Ulysses, KS. Date & topic TBD.

Respectfully submitted,
Valerie Rainman R.N., B.A., Certified School Nurse
KSNO District 3 Representative