Chronic Disease Management

Asthma Resources

Documents created by the School Nurse Advisory Committee (SNAC) to support school nurses in chronic disease management.

CDC--Exhale--Guide for Schools

2019 Asthma Resources

Asthma School Health Intake Form

Asthma IHP-2018 -- printable

Asthma IHP-2018--Fillable

Asthma Emergency Action Plans


Diabetes Resources

Students with Type 1 Diabetes Toolkit

School Nurse Diabetes Management Check List: The School Nurse Advisory Council (SNAC)​ updated a document, that was created last year, to assist the registered professional school nurse with providing a guide to “evidence based practices (EBP)” in school nursing relative to diabetes management. The checklist notes various strategies in the following areas:

Nursing Assessment and Data Collection
Nursing Diagnosis/IHP/ Goals and Outcomes

The checklist has been successful in identifying areas of evidence based practice that school nurses can implement in their health services program, as they assist students in managing their diabetes.

2017 Diabetes Resources document: Additional information and resources for diabetes management in schools,

Pump Meal Bolus Instructions: This resource contains simplified instructions for operation of insulin pumps was created by Children’s Mercy Hospital in 2017. As changes are frequent with insulin pumps, users are encouraged to seek additional pump operation instructions using the websites provided by the manufacturers.

Diabetes School Health Intake Form

Diabetes IHP-2018

Helping the Student With Diabetes Succeed- A Guide for Schools

ADA- version. Helping Students with Diabetes Succeed at School

504 Plan example

Seizure Disorder Resources

Seizure School Health Intake Form

Seizure IHP-2018

On Demand Seizure Training

First Aid Tools and Posters

Seizure Emergency Action Plans

Supporting Students with Epilepsy: A Toolkit for School Nurses | NASN Learning Center

NASN Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines 

Managing Food Allergies at School

Food Allergies | Healthy Schools | CDC

Kansas Allergy School Health Intake Form

Kansas Meal Modifications at School

Food Allergy Action Plan at

Severe Allergy IHP-2018

Sample Kansas School Agreement for Consulting Pharmacist